Why should I repower my boat


Why should I repower my boat

Why should I repower my boat and why a Yamaha Outboard?

People ask me the benefits of re-powering.

My next questions are:

  • Is the boat a “Classic”?
  • Does it have sentimental value?
  • Does the boat suit you and your families needs?
  • For re-sale?
  • Have you priced a new boat?

And, depending on the answers, I will suggest your options.

Repowering your boat can offer several benefits:

  1. Increased Performance: Newer engines often provide better performance, such as improved speed, acceleration, fuel efficiency and are quieter than old two stokes

     and even earlier generation Four Strokes. This can enhance your overall boating experience and make your trips more enjoyable.

  2. Reliability: Older engines may become less reliable over time due to wear and tear. Repowering with a new engine can provide greater reliability, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and the associated hassle and expense.Yamaha outboard engines are renowned for their reliability and durability. Re-powering with a Yamaha Outboard from Yate Parker in Ft. Lauderdale gives you peace of mind in quality, craftsmanship and customer service.
  3. Dealer Support and Service: Yamaha has an extensive network of authorized dealers and service centers worldwide, ensuring convenient access to support, maintenance, and genuine replacement parts. This comprehensive service network enhances peace of mind and ensures optimal performance throughout the lifespan of your Yamaha outboard. At Parker Yacht in Ft. Lauderdale we are a Yamaha Authorized Dealer with Yamaha Trained Master Technicians on staff as well as Yamaha HelmMaster EX Certified.
  4. Wide Range of Options: Yamaha offers a diverse lineup of outboard engines to suit various boat sizes, types, and applications. Whether you need a small, portable engine for a dinghy or a powerful Yamaha XTO Outboard for a large offshore vessel, Yamaha has options to meet your needs. Parker Yacht in Ft. Lauderdale carries most Yamaha’s in stock.
  5. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Newer outboard engines typically use advanced technology to optimize fuel consumption, resulting in cost savings over the long term. Improved fuel efficiency can also reduce your environmental impact by burning less fuel and producing fewer emissions. Yamaha outboards are designed to optimize fuel consumption, providing excellent fuel efficiency without compromising on power or performance. This can result in significant cost savings over the long term, especially for frequent boaters.
  6. Enhanced Safety: Repowering your boat with a new Yamaha Outboard  can improve safety by ensuring that your vessel has reliable power when you need it most. This can be crucial in emergency situations or when navigating in challenging conditions.
  7. Compliance with Regulations: As environmental regulations evolve, older engines may not meet current emissions standards. Repowering with a newer, more environmentally friendly four stroke  engine can help ensure compliance with regulations and avoid potential fines or restrictions and not dealing with Two Stroke oil and the smoke and smell.  
  8. Increased Resale Value: Repowering your boat with a newer engine can increase its resale value, as potential buyers are often willing to pay more for a vessel with a reliable and efficient Yamaha Outboard and Warranty.
  9. Access to New Features: Newer outboards come with advanced features and technologies that can enhance your boating experience, such as digital displays, DEC (Digital Electric Controls) DES (Digital Electric Steering)

    , Joystick capabilities,  integrated GPS systems, and remote monitoring capabilities.( In Yamaha’s case, it would be Staypoint, Fishpoint, Driftpoint and Siren Marine Monitoring).

The Re-Power Process at Parker Yacht in Ft. Lauderdale.

After the initial contact we will respond with an email asking for the below;

  • Brand, Model, Year of your boat.
  • Engine brand, model, year, hours.
  • Picture’s of the boat, the console with current gauges, controls, key switch placement, pictures of the engine well to include the steering cylinders.
  • Pictures of the engines.

Next we will email an Estimate. The estimate is all inclusive, it explains what we remove, replace, install, it also will include what we don’t replace or use existing. Terms of payment, Terms and Conditions, deposit required, trade in value of your existing engines (If traded in).

Once the Estimate is approved we will send a Work Authorization form, request for the deposit, once the WA Form and deposit  is received, we will schedule you for the re-power.

As for the re-power procedure itself, it varies from application to application but goes similar to the below.  

Vessel Repower:*

– Remove existing engines, rigging, gauges, switches, controls and harnesses.

– Install new Yamaha F—XCB or XSB


 DEC Engines.

– Install Command Link Plus CL5 display.

– Install  new D.E.C  controls, harnesses and key switch.

* Change fuel / water separator element.

* Use existing batteries, switch and cables.

* Use existing steering cylinder(s), if compatible. Repairs to steering is not included.

* Use existing fuel hose and fuel/water separator heads.

* This provides engine bolts can be easily accessed and no removal of deck hatches, bilge equipment or structural parts is necessary.

* Engines will be mounted in existing holes.

* Shimming of engines is not included.

* Fabrication of gauge filler panel is not included.

* Vessel to be rated for the listed HP.

* Parker Yacht to inspect vessel prior to acceptance of Estimate.

  • Once installed, a P.D.I (Pre Delivery Inspection) report will be completed for Warranty registration.
  • A BPS (Boat Package System) Scan is performed.

      –        A running engine download is performed.

      –        A seatrail will be performed to see that the correct size/pitch props are installed, engines run up to recommended WOT RPM, steering, joystick and Autopilot are calibrated (If Equipped), engine height is at the proper adjustment, and that the vessel performs as expected.

Overall, repowering your boat can be a wise investment that improves performance, reliability, and efficiency while enhancing safety and compliance with regulations. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as the cost of repowering and the specific needs of your vessel before making a decision.

With the cost of new boats hitting all time highs, the re-power option is, in some cases the better economical solution.

Or, you have a boat that has sentimental value or is a classic and you wish to keep it in your family and have reliable power for the next generation of boater.


Ole Parker

Yamaha Master Technician

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